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The Minuteman Procedure

Written by John K. Hong, MD of Gateway Spine & Pain Physicians Background: Back and leg pain is commonly caused by age related degeneration of the spine. As the spine ages, the discs decrease in height, bone spurs develop (osteophytes), ligaments thicken, and joints become arthritic. These changes may lead to compression of nerves and […]

Treating Lower Back Pain

Written by Jesse Hatgis, DO of Anesthesia Pain Care Consultants After a complete assessment, which includes a patient history, physical examination, and advanced imaging review, a proper diagnosis is then determined, and an individualized treatment plan is formulated. Low back pain is mainly split into two types: axial and radicular. Axial Low Back Pain: A.K.A. […]

Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (MILD®) Procedure Summary

Written by Sheel Patel, MD of APAC Centers for Pain Management Introduction to MILD: Benefits of MILD: Procedure Overview: Risks and Considerations: Follow-up Care: Note: This summary provides a general overview of the MILD procedure. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if MILD is the appropriate treatment option for your […]

Navigating Payor Contracting in the Healthcare Industry: Best Practices

In the ever-evolving landscape of the healthcare industry, payor contracting plays a crucial role for providers and organizations. Effective payor contracting not only ensures financial stability but also fosters strong relationships with insurance companies. To successfully navigate this complex process, it is essential to implement best practices that can help your healthcare entity secure favorable […]

DxTx Founding Members Recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Owen Prunskis (Managing Partner) and Mack Mazeski (VP Growth & Integration) were recently recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2023. They were selected among twenty-nine other winners in the healthcare industry. Read More+: Forbes 30 Under 30 – DxTx Profile

DxTx Admin Recognized for Industry Leadership

Francine has been fundamental to the success of the practice since starting there 10 years ago. Congratulations Francine on receiving this well-deserved recognition! 🎉 Read More+: 

Pending Legislation on ASC Reimbursement

ASC leaders, physicians, and patients should contact their local representatives to advocate support of this bill which eliminates Part B Copays and allows ASC services to grow naturally. Read More+:

DxTx CMO Recognized as Top Pain Doctor

Congratulations Dr. John Prunskis for receiving the Castle Connelly “Top Pain Doc” award (Chicago) for an unprecedented 14th time!  Read More+: