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Leverage our Scale and Network

DxTx is a group of affiliated, high-quality practices and surgery centers specializing in treating pain and spine conditions. 

We provide:

  • Compliance and quality oversite
  • Access to proven clinical treatments from best-in-class physicians and medical providers
  • A focus on delivering high value care to get your people back to life and back to work

One Platform for Clinical and Operational Oversite

We offer the “Best of the Best” network of interventional pain and spine physicians across the United States – we do this by vetting our affiliated practices for quality and compliance and maintaining these high standards on an ongoing basis.


National Presence


Lower Cost & Safer with Surgery as a Last Resort

Our physicians and providers are experts in the precise diagnosis and treatment of painful conditions – with a focus on getting people back to work, back to family, and back to living as soon as possible.

Intervention-first approaches are roughly 30% more cost-effective than surgery.

Back surgery failure rates can be as high as 33%, which is why DxTx providers use surgery as a last resort.

1) Expected cost considers probabilistic treatment for lumbar disc herniation. Surgery-first assumes 5% transition rate to intervention. Avg. surgery cost is $30,000. Intervention-first assumes 51% transition rate to surgery. Avg. intervention cost is $5,000. Cost range compares treatment for disc herniation, and discogenic pain. Treatment Methods: lumbar discectomy or fusion [Spine Surgery] vs. lumbar interlaminar epidural injections [Intervention] and assumes 44% transition rate to surgery per Buttermann (2004) Sources: “Cost Utility Analysis of Lumbar Interlaminar Epidural Injections in the Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation, Central Spinal Stenosis, and Axial or Discogenic Low Back Pain”. Manchikanti, Pampati, Benyamin, Hirsch. Pain Physician 2017 May; “Treatment of Lumbar Disc Herniation: Epidural Steroid Injection Compared with Discectomy”. Butterman. Journal of Bone and Joint 2004.

2) Data is a result of systematic literature review spanning 21,000 spine surgeries to determine the frequency of recurrent back pain after discectomy and quantify its effect on patient-reported outcomes.

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